Taking time to replenish your body, mind, & spirit is a truly radical form of activism. Yet it is the key to sustaining a vital life which forms the foundation for vibrant families, functional communities, and a harmonious nation and world. Destination retreats with Crystal are not a “luxury” though they are curated lovingly with artful and luxurious detail. Rather, they are a necessity, with the express purpose to establish and reinforce profound ritual for participants around self-care. When self-care is explored through the safety of community, its impact expands exponentially. Retreats with Crystal are a time to be in community, to connect with nature and the culture of a new land, and to take loving care of your own exquisite self. Retreat programming will vary, yet all will include attentively crafted, dynamic yoga classes that support your body’s need for both vigor and softness. You will learn and practice daily mindfulness techniques that support cultivation of personal resources, – body, breath, mind, and heart – increase vitality, and harness the power of your best self. Join me soon to meet ALL your needs: to play, relax, detox, rejuvenate and be well.

Upcoming Retreats:

11/9-11/13 Finish Your Effing Book Retreat w/Francesca Grossman, Ibiza, Spain (click to learn more)

2/18-2/24/2018 Iceland – Fire and Ice, Travel Adventure w/Bluezaria SOLD OUT(click learn more)

4/3-4/10/2018 The Heart of The Matter: Yoga + Writing Retreat, Costa Rica (click to learn more)

5/4-5/6/2018 Pause + Press Play; A Self-Care Retreat for Women of Color, Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY (click to learn more)