How do you feel?
Are you breathing freely?
What’s going on in your body?
What’s preoccupying your mind?
What physical and emotional needs do you have right now?
What internal assets can you access through yoga and mindful attention to get your needs met?


Personal Instruction gives clients an opportunity to dive deep into themselves, practice conscious awareness of personal needs: physical, mental, emotional and social – and experiment with practices that support meeting these needs with the skillful guidance of an experienced wellness professional.

Through the intimacy of one-on-one personal instruction, clients can hone in on which internal and external resources would best support their ability to feel at home in their own skin and approach personal obstacles with a sense of agency. Personal instruction can include and is not limited to the following:

● Asana and Movement

● Breath Exploration

● Mindfulness Practices

● Reflection and Journaling

Constructive Counsel

● Relaxation and Restorative Yoga

Semi-Private Instruction

For the client who desires personal instruction at a moderate price, semi-privates offer a similarly customized exploration of yoga and mindfulness instruction in a group of 2-4 participants. Book a semi-private session with Crystal below.

Family Yoga

Family yoga is offered for parents and children desiring to explore yoga and mindfulness together as a family as a tool to foster connection to support social and emotional needs of adults, adolescents and children.