Constructive Counsel – An integrated wellness coaching alternative.

All human beings suffer and are vulnerable. When this suffering becomes heightened, or even sustained to the point where you may no longer notice its impact, there may be a nagging from within: the time has come to embark on a journey to figure things out. Yet, the where to begin, how and why remains elusive. Constructive Counsel will support you to get things crystal clear. It is a liberating sojourn to the heart of your own unique self.

Constructive Counsel is a two-day journey. With the support of kind and curious companionship and the mirror-like reflection that is sourced from connection and empathy, you will:

● unite with yourself

● observe the dynamism and softness of your body

● breathe deeply and attentively

● play unabashedly

● explore stillness

● enjoy nourishing meals

● communicate and be heard

● learn and practice tools that build up your inner resources

● clarify who and what your outer resources actually are

● identify obstacles and liberate yourself

● declare who you are

● strategize a course of action for living your most vibrant version of yourself

What arises during Constructive Counsel is the clear path toward re-integration of a fragmented or dysregulated sense of self that is entirely constructed from your observations, embodied experiences, and emotional and mental reflections.

(*Constructive Counsel is not therapy, and should not take the place of consultations with medical professionals or medications that may support a client’s needs.)


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