A Time to Pause

The winter holidays and the end of the year always demand a shift in my focus. They demand a more inward than outward facing gaze, a more grateful attitude than demanding, and they inspire more loving and connected relationships than disconnected. I’ve been inspired by wisdom that has arisen from […]

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Love Stories 2: Mindful Listening: An Antidote to Anxiety in an Increasingly Polarized World

This week was the first in many years when I had a sleepless night. I woke from sleep in a fit of anxiety and spent the remaining three hours until dawn tossing and turning, ruminating about three events from the week which stung my heart and catapulted me into seemingly […]

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Love Stories 1: Hendrix

 I met Hendrix on April 1. It was the beginning of spring, and ideas and experiences were stirring in me, waiting to be born anew in the true spirit of the season. Hendrix and I crossed paths in Los Angeles while visiting my sister and her fiancé in their new […]

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Destination Yoga Retreats as Practice for Living Mindfully in Community

Labor Day Weekend 2017 marked my first experience flying solo as a facilitator of a destination yoga retreat. I had the privilege of teaching yoga and mindfulness to some amazing human beings against the backdrop of St. Lucia at the lovely Ti Kaye Resort and Spa. Knowing how exhausting it […]

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Finding That Summer Time Flow: 12-Steps to Support Recovery from Busyness Addiction

When the Engine Breaks Down

The other day I called my sister in tears. The emotions associated with the tears were hard to make sense of right away because absolutely nothing was wrong. I had been as eager as could be for my quieter summer time reprieve from the sacred hustle […]

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Yoga Service: Personal Takeaways from the 2017 Conference

Every year in May, the Yoga Service Council brings together yoga practitioners and educators who work in the field service to the Yoga Service Conference at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. What brought me to this year’s conference was a desire to develop my teaching practice by participating in […]

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On Loss & Grace (of the Divine Feminine)

When I was a little girl, my big dreams were to be a “grown-up” and to live in a big mansion with all of my girlfriends, have fun and be free for the rest of our lives. On career day, when my primary school in Milwaukee, WI asked students to […]

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Uprooting the Seed of Hate

An Important But Hard LessonWhen I was 7 years old, I had a 2nd grade Language Arts teacher at my neighborhood school in Milwaukee, WI named Mrs. Brown. She was mean. She was one of those teachers that held a strict rule of law in her class, and her students didn’t […]

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On Community & Bringing Magic Back to the Yoga Mat

One unfortunate by-product of becoming a yoga teacher for me is that sometimes my practice feels like it is no longer my own. I am often preoccupied by thoughts of my students and what I will offer them from my practice. I have never had the luxury of having enough time in my day to practice once […]

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Six Classroom Management Strategies to Live and Breathe By

A few years ago when I decided to take on a position as a full-time Yoga Specialist at a charter school, I was ecstatic about the groundbreaking experience that lay ahead. It is also fair to say now, that I was totally naïve and in over my head regarding the […]

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