Hello, hello 2019, I am so glad you’re here! 2018 wasn’t the biggest blogging year for me, as I devoted the majority of my time to developing a relationship to Instagram (?!). It is a tool that supports my long-time intention to connect more directly and in some cases more personally to diverse yoga practitioners that are under-represented (for reasons too extensive to go into here, but blog post coming soon) in the contemporary studio settings, educational settings, or organizational settings where I typically teach. 2018 was super blessed and super full, so please allow me to reintroduce myself to those of you new to my website and those I’ve missed while social media-ing, detoxing, restoring, creatrixing and writing (for a publisher!) these last many months. Expect a lot more posts in 2019!

I’m Crystal.

Where I’m From
I am from 70s olive green linoleum kitchen flooring, from Dawn detergent and Ultra Sheen

I am from a house with a backyard swing set, (turquoise, rusty, and sturdy)

I am from rhubarb plants, a giant ash whose shade from towering limbs cooled my hot temper all year long

I’m from homemade chocolate birthday cakes, from Iola and Alice

I’m from the empaths and the clairvoyants

From you are a child of the light and Om, peace, bliss, Amen

I’m from Baptist, Unity and Self-Realization Fellowship

I’m from Milwaukee, the great migration, Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and distilled water

From my aunt who stole a toboggan from Sears, my grandfather (and his scotch) who read the Bible cover to cover again and again, and my jumps ff the ledge of Madeline’s porch on windy days, hoping to catch the wind in my umbrella and fly. (Inspired by Skill In Action by Michelle Cassandra Johnson & George Elle Lyon’s Where I’m From)

Who I Am 
I am radiant vitality, loving kindness, and creative self-expression.

What I Do 
I create community. I remind people of who they are. I curate brave and playful spaces for people to connect and build resilience in an increasingly fragmented world. I facilitate embodied and contemplative healing modalities, ritual, discussion and reflection, all which emphasize the importance of self-care, love and sustainability as the gateway to social justice and community healing in the world.

Curious about yoga and mindfulness? Let’s connect in 2019.

Got goals for creating a sustainable and realistic self-care toolkit? Let’s connect in 2019.

Hoping to finally go on a fabulous destination yoga retreat? Let’s definitely connect in 2019.

Love kids and want to support them with yoga and mindfulness? Let’s for real connect in 2019.

And who are YOU? Please drop me a line, introduce yourself, and send some love!